Steve Moore

Sensei Steve Moore is a 1st Kyu in Kobujutsu an ancient Okinawan Weapons System, training for 13 years studying the weapons of Bo, Sai, Tonfa, Nunchaku, Kamma and Tekko.

Steve is a professional 5th Dan instructor in Wado Karate, holding all Dan grades registered in
Japan with the Japanese Karate Federation (JKF).

Steve has twenty three years teaching experience and thirty five years of martial arts training. Steve has been in the fitness industry for many years teaching aerobics, step aerobics, weight training, gym instruction and his passion for the martial arts has played a bigger role. The first karate class attended was in Lichfield and then went onto train at the well known Temple karate centre in Birmingham in the 80’s under Toru Takimazawa 6th Dan. From here Steve went onto train with Fred Rose and Roger Vickerman in their respective dojos.

Steve is married to Selina and has three children Jamie, Lyle and Lana. Both Jamie and Lyle train in karate. Jamie holds a 3rd Dan grade and teaches karate full time and Lyle a 3rd Dan (previously an English Karate Federation ‘A’ Squad Member) is a full time coach. Lana is a serious dancer, dancing at world level in Irish dancing, studying ballet, tap and modern and studying a pre-vocational dance award.

Competition Philosophy
All coaches know that you can not achieve competition success on your own. Success is attained from a combination of effort from parents, the athletes and coaches. A good coach serves as a catalyst to bring all of these different elements together and hopefully through hard work, determination, support and encouragement play a part in producing students who are capable of winning medals in both Kata and Kumite.

Domestic Coaching
An important role is preparing students of all ages from 5 years upwards for taking part in competitions ranging from small friendly local tournaments to National Championships and domestic tournaments both in Kata and Kumite across the UK. Encouraging all abilities of students wether beginners or advanced and providing them with the opportunity to compete and build their confidence to reach their potential.

international Coaching Duties
Japanese Karate Federation Wadokai World Cup, Tokyo Japan 2005
Japanese Nationals Tokyo, Japan 2005
Federation of England Wadokai Junior European Championships England 2005
FEW European Championships England 2006
FEW European Championships Sweden 07
FEW European Championships Romania 08
FEW European Championships England 2014
Japanese Karate Federation Wadokai World Cup, Tokyo Japan 2015

English Karate Federation England A Squad Kumite members Lyle Moore, Alex Stuart, Anisha Mistry & James Stuart EKF A Squad England Kumite Squad members 2009 to 2011 Ben Slater is a Current member of the EKF England Kumite A squad.

Students trained to Black belt standard
1st Dans – 201
2nd Dans – 55
3rd Dans – 6

Special Needs Students
I am also very proud of the fact that i have trained many students with special needs, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Aspergers, Autism etc and helped them gain the confidence and self belief to pass their Black belts and excel in an individual sport.

Current Training
Trained for thirty five years in total.
Trained for 13 years with Sensei Sakagami 8th Dan studying Wado karate. Covering all aspects of kihon, kata and pair work.
Trained for 13 years studying kobujutsu an ancient Okinawan weapons system, studying the weapons of Bo, Sai, Tonfa, Kama etc.

Teaching Duties & Responsibilities
EKF Coaching assessor for all instructors
Chief instructor responsible for the technical development of all instructors and students.
Black Belt grading examiner up to 4th Dan
Grading examiner for all grades of students
Black belt coach and mentor
Kata Coach for Wado Kai England

Relevant Work Experience
Previously worked for five years in Further Education as a part time lecturer at Cannock College teaching combined science at First & National Diploma level. Served one year as Vice Chairman of Wadokai England Karate Do.

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