• Wadokai England / UK is a subsidiary of the Aiwakai Karate-do Federartion and recognised by Japan Wadokai as Wadokai England
  • We seek to work for the benefit of our athletes – giving them world class training in excellent facilities and a providing forum to compete at international level
  • We strive to ensure that the training and competition environment is both safe and wonderfully friendly
  • In the spirit of fraternity and aiming to bring together all the talents, we welcome like-minded clubs and associations from the wider English Wado community
  • Hence Wadokai England is not an Association or Federation and does not issue licences
  • Wadokai England seeks to give world class training to our best Karate talent
  • In turn our aim is to compete annually in FEW’s (Federation of European Wadokai) single style Wadokai competition
  • We also compete in the JKF Wado-Kai World Championships, which run every four years.
  • Wadokai England is open to Wado-based only clubs or groups wishing to participate in FEW European and JKF Wadokai World Championships in both Kata and Kumite
  • The Wadokai England philosophy promotes a selfless dedication to our athletes
  • We are non-political; the only stipulations are that clubs or groups are led by people of integrity wishing who belong to the EKF / do not support any dissident bodies
  • Wadokai England will refuse membership to any group who are believed to be politically motivated or have shown political motivation in past membership
  • Wadokai England has the aim of promoting, and popularizing Wado-Kai Karate both at home and internationally
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