Kuniaki Sakagami

Sakagami sensei was born in the city of Toyohashi, Japan, in 1944. He started training in Wado Ryu Karate in May 1959 aged 14 years, under Suzuki Tatsuo sensei at the Toyoashi Dojo. After graduating from local high school he entered Aichi University to study economics. During this period Sakagami sensei entered many University and all styles contests. He won the University of Tokai Area championships of Japan. This culminated in Sakagami Sensei being honoured with the position of University Karate club captain, a prestigious position that is only held by the most talented Karateka. Sakagami sensei was awarded 7th Dan in 1989 from Wado Ryu Headquarters in Japan and recently received his 8th Dan from WadoKai Japan.

Sakagami photo
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