Dr Wayne Otto

Born on the 18th May 1966 in London, and schooled in Hackney, Wayne began training in Karate, at the age of fourteen, at the Bow Uechi-Ryu Karate club under the instruction of Terry Daly. In 1982 Wayne entered his first Karate competition, where he gained a silver medal. After competing in several more tournaments within a relatively short period of time, it was clear to see that Wayne was very special. Wayne rapidly developed a relationship between himself and winning.

With a hard line stubborn streak, coupled with an obsessive determination to succeed, these attributes that Wayne possessed would carry him to some of the greatest competitions that the World of Karate had to offer. Two years later Wayne was representing the English National team at the Junior European Karate Championships.

From this beginning Wayne Otto emerged into the 90’s as one of the most prominent figures in the Great British and English National team line up, and has been described by Mr. Ticky Donovan OBE the former England national coach as “being the back bone of the British, and English Karate Team”.

With an arsenal of techniques, various combinations and an unmistakable style and presence on the matted arena, these attributes have given rise to such names as, “The Black Shark” by the Italian’s for his predator style, and more recently, “La Perle Noire” by the French, made him probably the most exciting, and entertaining, fighter to watch in the World at that time. Britain definitely has a history for great Karate fighters, and Wayne Otto is no exception to this tradition.

In his career within sport karate Wayne Otto has amassed five World Championship gold medals, three of which are individual. He also has to his title list, the World Games and has won the World Cup Championship title three times in succession. Along with his multitude of world titles Wayne also has seven European Championship gold medals, and a vast listing of International and National titles.

Wayne Otto is still regarded by many, without doubt, ranked as the most successful Karate competitor and indeed athlete Britain has ever produced. Due to Wayne’s success, many countries around the world have invited him to teach and demonstrate his skills and techniques of which he is renowned for executing within the competition arena. Wishing to take full advantage of this opportunity and having someone such as Wayne to teach in their country for only a short period of time, many National federations have sent their national teams to these seminars in order to further their own fighters skills and capabilities.

In 1988 Wayne left London to study in Kent for a degree in Communications Engineering. Within this time Wayne co-established the University of Kent Karate club and also became coach for the British Universities Students Federation Karate squad.

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